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Moshi - YUZU SPARKLING WHITE PEACH - 12 & 24 Packs

Moshi - YUZU SPARKLING WHITE PEACH - 12 & 24 Packs

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Moshi - YUZU WHITE PEACH - 12 & 24 Packs

A fan favorite. The sweetness of white  peach pairs beautifully with tart yuzu to  create heaven in a bottle.

  • Yuzu is a uniquely aromatic Japanese citrus, in a fizzy and refreshing ready-to-drink sparkling beverage

  • Native to Japan, harvesting the Yuzu fruit must occur during its ripening period, making it a fragile yet highly prized crop due to its distinct flavor and aroma.
  • The fruit contains 3 times more vitamin C than lemons and is extremely rich in essential oils

  • All-natural and made with filtered water, cane sugar, and yuzu juice imported directly from Japan

  • Vegan, gluten-free, OU Kosher certified without any artificial preservatives or coloring

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