Are these products really 100% non-alcoholic?

Most of them are 100% non-alcoholic, however some may contain a trace amount of less than .5% alcohol-by-volume (that's one half of 1 percent). All products in our store are <.5% ABV. Products that do contain between 0% and .05% ABV (which is less than what's in a ripe banana or a glass of orange juice) are labeled such. US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) considers products containing less than .5% ABV as non-alcoholic. Regardless, even at such small trace amounts, these products may not be suitable for you if you are alcohol dependent, or in recovery, or need or want to avoid alcohol for any other reason.

Do you have a brick & mortar store?
No, we are an online e-commerce site.

How does shipping work?
Once you make a purchase, the order is fulfilled and shipped by the partner            brand and delivered to you.

Is shipping really always free?
When you purchase products via our store cart, shipping is always free. A few items displayed on our store site are affiliate links that redirect you to another site. Not all brands offer free shipping, so make sure to double-check the shipping policy when you make purchases.

Do you ship outside of the United States?
Because our policy is free shipping, it's not possible to ship outside the US due to increased increased costs of international shipping.

How do I return something?
We are not able to accept returns once any liquid containers have been opened. Apart from that, each brand has their own return policy. We will work to ensure your satisfaction!

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