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DrinkSip - Watermelon Refresher - 6 pack

DrinkSip - Watermelon Refresher - 6 pack

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DrinkSip - Watermelon Refresher - 6 pack

 A summer staple, Watermelon Refresher offers an invigorating sip of cold, crisp watermelon. Its fragrant aroma tantalizes the nose, mingling perfectly with the wheaty notes of fresh bread. The sweet and refreshing taste of this beer refresher is unmistakable - it's watermelon, and it's beer. Enjoy it slowly, gulp it all at once, or grab a friend and shotgun it. Whatever your style, this extraordinary brew promises moments of joy and indulgence.

Live. Laugh. Drink. Sip. 

Ingredients: watermelon extract, water, malted barley, wheat, hops, yeast

Calories count (in each can): 94

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