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VINADA® - AMAZING AIRÉN GOLD (0%) 750 ML - 1,3,6,12 Bottles

VINADA® - AMAZING AIRÉN GOLD (0%) 750 ML - 1,3,6,12 Bottles

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VINADA® - AMAZING AIRÉN GOLD (0%) 750 ML - 1,3,6,12 Bottles

Indulge in the exquisite white vegan sparkle of VINADA - a prestigious, award-winning wine that will enchant your palate. The captivating golden color and refreshing flavor are truly exceptional. A burst of delicate fruit notes in both aroma and taste leads to a refined, crisp finish with a lingering dryness. Full-bodied - perfect for commemorating achievements, special occasions, or simply basking in the sunshine. Experience the refined taste of VINADA and delight someone special!

Tasting note:
Sparkling, fresh, dry with a subtle scent, spicy and harmonious.

Alcohol 0% Vol.
Halal No
Grape Airén
Origin Spain
Region La Mancha
Vegan Yes
Aroma Citrus fruit (lemon) bruised apple. A touch of grapes
Wine Food Pairing Perfect as an aperitif, with a salad, dessert and goes well with cheese
Drinking temperature 6-8°C
Closure Natural cork
Allergens Contains Sulphites 
Content consumer unit 750 ml / 25 fl oz.
Storage Refrigerate after opening and consume within 3 days

    Nutrition info

    per 100 ml

      Energy 90,3 kJ
      Calories 21,6 kcal
      Protein 0,2 g
      Carbohydrate 4,8 g
      Sugars 4,8 g
      Fat 0 g
      Thereof saturated fat 0 g
      Salt <0,1 g
      Sodium <5 mg
      Calcium <10 mg
      Iron <0,5 mg

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