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RSRV Collective - VARIETY PACK - 4/8/16 12oz cans - NEW!

RSRV Collective - VARIETY PACK - 4/8/16 12oz cans - NEW!

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RSRV Collective - VARIETY PACK - 4/8/16 12oz cans

RSRV won BevNET's "Best of 2023 Non-Alcoholic Beverages"

Discover four luxurious and sophisticated non-alcoholic Kenshō Cocktails - and experience all of them! 

Evoking the spirit of Italy, RSRV Collective Amari is an apéritif that offers an earthy, bitter bouquet. Its deep flavor profile exudes the perfect combination of herbs, spices, plants and dark citrus. The slight bitterness on the finish provides a transporting experience to the majestic Amalfi Coast. Kick it up a notch with a raspberry garnish for a totally elevated experience! Always serve chilled.

Swirl and savor this botanical elixir — a light, refreshing blend of green floral and zesty citrus aromas with a juniper finish. Perfect for an alfresco day, or a dressed-up dinner conversation. Make it sparkle with a lime garnish. Always serve chilled.

Citrusy and smoky, with just the right balance between sweet and bitterness, one sip of this and you'll feel inspired to buy your own cowboy boots and ride in an old truck. Take the Orana experience to the next level with a combination of maraschino cherry and orange wedge garnish. Always serve chilled.

Experience the tantalizing aroma of cherries with the punchy accents of ginger. Your first sip will transport you with delightful cherry flavors, both sweet and tart, and a refreshing, spicy finish for an exquisite taste. Take Rosata to the next level with a maraschino cherry garnish. Always serve chilled.

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