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PROUD SOURCE WATER - Sparkling Spring Water 16 or 25oz

PROUD SOURCE WATER - Sparkling Spring Water 16 or 25oz

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PROUD SOURCE WATER - Sparkling Spring Water

Experience the delightful flavor of this Sparkling Spring Water, bottled sustainably at its source in eco-friendly, infinitely recyclable aluminum. Infused with natural minerals and electrolytes, this lightly carbonated water delivers a subtle hint of sweetness in every sip, ideal for those searching for an elegant and exclusive taste.

  • Sparkling Spring Water bottled at the source
  • Natural Minerals and Electrolytes - no additives
  • Lightly carbonated, pure refreshment
  • Bottled in infinitely recyclable aluminum to eliminate single-use plastic
  • BPA-free Liner
  • Better for you and the planet

    calcium: 42, magnesium: 6.8, potassium: 1, silica: 12, bicarbonates: 14.5, chlorides: 4.6, tds: 166.8, calories: 0

    Note: Shipping to NY is not available until April 2024.

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