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Portland Syrups - Habanero Syrup 2-pack - 12 fl oz bottles

Portland Syrups - Habanero Syrup 2-pack - 12 fl oz bottles

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Portland Syrups - Habanero Syrup 2-pack

Taste the tantalizing fusion of sweet mango and fiery habanero in this Mango Habanero Syrup, carefully balanced with a hint of lemon-lime and bergamot orange! Enjoy it in sparkling water, herbal tea, and spirits, and let the delightful flavors tickle your taste buds!

A handcrafted small-batch syrup made with freshly sourced, seasonal ingredients and natural sweeteners for unbeatable flavor. With 40% less sugar than a traditional mixer, each 12 oz. bottle packs a big punch - enough to make 12-24 delicious cocktails or nearly a gallon of refreshing, full-strength soda. Shelf stable for 24 months. Refrigerate after opening. Will keep refrigerated for 6 months.

For sodas, syrups are typically mixed in a ratio of 1:6 or 1:7 with chilled, sparkling water. 

2 12 fl oz bottles

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