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Leilo - Kava Relax Shot (12-Pack)

Leilo - Kava Relax Shot (12-Pack)

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Leilo - Kava Relax Shot (12-Pack)

Soothe away the anxieties of the day with a satisfying sip of Leilo Kava Relax Shot.

Experience the soothing effects of Kava in our easy-to-use and sumptuous Relax Shot. Revel in its calming embrace as you bask in the plant-based "buzz", ideal for a respite at any time!

  • The same pure relaxation™ experience Leilo is known for in a quick & easy shot

  • Calm your Mind, Soothe your Body, & Feel the Relaxation

    • Plant-Based & Alcohol-Free

    • 140mg of kavalactones per shot

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