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More Labs - dream well - Holistic Sleep Drink Solution - 12/24 2.5 oz bottles

More Labs - dream well - Holistic Sleep Drink Solution - 12/24 2.5 oz bottles

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More Labs - dream well  - Holistic Sleep Drink Solution. 

Non-Habit Forming with Lemon Balm, Jujube Seed, Melatonin, Glycine

caffeine free | botanical ingredients | gluten free | soy free | nut free | vegan


Millions of people struggle to sleep weekly. Causes vary: stress, long hours, poor habits, diet, lack of exercise, etc.

Melatonin, known as the "sleep hormone," is produced naturally by the body and increases sleep onset time. Dream Well harnesses melatonin, as well as a selection of other ingredients to enhance sleep quality, such as reducing the caffeine concentration in the body, stimulating relaxation, calming anxieties, and supporting deeper sleep and cognitive functioning the following day.

Dream Well uses natural ingredients like lemon balm extract and jujube to ease your mind and calm your body. Melatonin provides the signal to sleep and supports deep stages of sleep throughout the night. Finally, glycine supports cognitive processing so you can wake up restored, clear-headed, and ready for the day ahead.

Drink one bottle approximately 30 minutes before you’re ready to drift off into some well-deserved sleep. Wake up restored and ready for the day ahead.

If racing thoughts fill your head the second it hits the pillow, you’re likely missing out on getting proper Zzzs. Lemon balm extract, one of the key ingredients in Dream Well, helps ease the mind and relax the body into a state of rest. An initial study shows that lemon balm extract helped reduce anxiety-related insomnia by 42% by increasing GABA in the brain.

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