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Tenneyson - Black Ginger

Tenneyson - Black Ginger

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Tenneyson - Black Ginger 

Experience the bold and spicy flavor of Tenneyson Black Ginger, unlike anything you've ever tasted! Enjoy it straight up or as part of a no/low-alcohol cocktail, and savor its unique complexity.

Tenneyson-Black Ginger isn't your typical spirit. It's something entirely unique! It's fresh and vibrant taste strikes the perfect balance between zesty ginger and the complex, powerful botanicals - no added sweeteners or fizz, just a robust, unforgettable flavor.

Indulge your body with this carefully crafted blend of natural ingredients like ginger, dandelion, lemon balm, bergamot, Yerba Matte, Grape Seed, and Gentian Root. Savor each sip and revel in the satisfaction of knowing you've made a smart and guilt-free choice!

No Added Sugars | No Caffeine | No Artificial Flavors or Colors | Low Calorie | Vegan-ish (*responsible honey)

Uncorked and untamed, Tenneyson can be poured on your bar cart or stored on your liquor shelf for up to a year–no refrigeration required!

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