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Free AF - APERO SPRITZ (12-pack)

Free AF - APERO SPRITZ (12-pack)

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Free AF - APERO SPRITZ (12-pack)

Free AF drinks are non-alcoholic expressions of your favorite cocktails that are tasty AF — clean, beautifully refreshing, and enhanced with Afterglow™.

The original Italian classic is made with orange liqueur, prosecco and club soda. Our non-alcoholic version is made with Afterglow™ and is perfect for aperitivo lovers who like to stay Sharp AF.

All Free AF cocktails are made with our proprietary ingredient Afterglow™.

Afterglow™ is a 100% natural botanical extract that mimics the pleasant warmth of alcohol - without the alcohol.

Serve Free AF Apero Spritz with a slice of orange, skewer of olives or a sprig of rosemary.

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