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Spiritless - Non-alcoholic Sweet & Sour Bundle (375ml)

Spiritless - Non-alcoholic Sweet & Sour Bundle (375ml)

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Spiritless - Sweet & Sour Bundle (375ml)

Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirits & Cocktails
Beautifully distilled, non-alcoholic spirits and cocktails perfect for mixing up your non-alcoholic cocktails. Enjoy our award-winning Spiritless Kentucky 74 bourbon whiskey and our brand new pour-over Whiskey Sour cans in one convenient bundle! Crafted using our proprietary reverse distillation process, you can enjoy the same high-quality, smooth finish you’ve come to expect from premium full-proof cocktails, but without the burn, guilt or calories.

Flavor Profiles
Kentucky 74 delivers a high-quality, smooth finish, underpinned by familiar notes of caramel, vanilla and oak. Our cans begin with Kentucky 74, our award-winning non-alcoholic bourbon, add a touch of cane sugar for sweetness and then pucker up to a bit of fresh lemon.

Perfect Pairings
Go completely Spiritless by replacing the alcohol entirely, or if you’re feeling frisky, imbibe at a lower ABV by pairing your Spiritless cocktail with 1 oz. of your favorite bourbon. We call it going HALFSIES™!


  • One bottle Kentucky 74 (375ml)
  • One 4-pack of Spiritless’ Whiskey Sour Pour-Over Cans

Kentucky 74:

  • Size: 375ml
  • Calories: 15 per 2 fl. oz.

Whiskey Sour Cans:

  • Size: 4 PACK- 4 (250ml) Cans
  • Calories: 35 per 250 ml can
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