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The Plug Recovery Drink - Plant-Based Electrolyte Drink

The Plug Recovery Drink - Plant-Based Electrolyte Drink

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The Plug Recovery Drink - Plant-Based Electrolyte / Hydration Drink

Uniquely designed to restore your body back to its healthiest state

13 natural plants, fruits, and flowers combined with the purest form of bedrock water. No caffeine, no added sugar and is entirely natural. 

No Added Sugar or Caffeine
We believe in better overall health and that’s why added sugars and caffeine didn’t make the cut for The Plug’s ingredient list.
Supports Liver Health

The Plug’s unique formula acts as your liver’s sidekick, helping you process the  toxins out of your system quickly and efficiently.

Relieves Headaches

When you drink The Plug before going to bed, you super-hydrate your system and will wake up headache free

Tastes Great
Made from 13 different plants, fruits, and flowers and The Plug’s smooth flavor of nature couldn’t be better

100% Plant-based
Plants are known for their life-giving and healing properties. We’ve harnessed these same properties in our formula to help you recover quickly and efficiently.

99% Approval Rate

Customers love The Plug. We’ve designed our formula to work for everyone too – so don’t worry about not getting results.

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