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Spiritless - Kentucky 74 - HALFSIES 375ml

Spiritless - Kentucky 74 - HALFSIES 375ml

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Spiritless - Kentucky 74 - Distilled Non-Alcoholic Bourbon

Spiritless is upping the ante with an exciting new 375 mL size of Kentucky 74! This mini-bottle packs the same delicious punch as our original size, creating a non-alcoholic spirit ideal for bourbon cocktails. Get ready to be wowed with the remarkably flavorful HALFSIES™ experience!

Flavor Profile
Kentucky 74 boasts a luxurious, velvety finish, accompanied by subtle notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak.

Perfect Pairings
Choose your ideal potency: Go HALFSIES™ by combining one portion of Kentucky 74 with one portion of your favorite bourbon whiskey to reduce ABV and calorie count, or, opt for a completely Spiritless cocktail by omitting alcohol altogether.

Size: 375ml
Calories: 13 per 2 fl. oz.

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